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Hearty, happy and healthy

Objective: self improvement and well-being. 
As is often the case on the Île de Ré, it all starts with a bike ride...

Three days & two nights

There’s no gradient here: just a salty breeze which will do you the world of good and a superb palette of colours which changes with the days and the seasons. 

You’ll start to unwind immediately.

Perfect for your yoga session which will be held on a truly stunning site: the Vauban ramparts, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Breathe in and admire your surroundings…

Day two, after a healthy dinner and a wonderful night’s sleep in a room or suite at Le Clos Saint-Martin. 

You’ll feel rested.

Today’s activities for relaxation and self-improvement include: Wim Hof breathing, a run to La Cible beach for a dip in the ocean, a long session at the Spa by Clarins for a wonderful massage after all this exercise, well-being workshops with personalised support and more.

As your stay on the Île de Ré comes to an end, you’ll feel regenerated and wonderfully healthy.