A different
kind of sightseeing

Hotel on the Île de Ré

Take advantage of the Île de Ré’s cycle paths to explore the island by bike, wander through the streets of the ten villages on the island, stroll along its beaches or take a boat trip from Le Fier d’Ars, exploring the waters between La Rochelle and the Île d’Aix. Marvel at the way in which the Île de Ré changes with the seasons and take the time to soak up its beauty.


A charming fishing port, home to beautiful properties dating back several centuries
A market in an enclosed and cobbled courtyard with a medieval style.

Fort La Prée, built in the 17th century to defend against “perfidious Albion”!

The Abbaye des Châteliers: its stunning 12th century remains are a reminder of the Île de Ré’s long history.

La Flotte

  • The village, home to the Vauban fortifications, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The old port and its headland.
  • Shops line the streets: the perfect place for a stroll.
  • The more secluded streets, home to some truly beautiful houses.
  • The walk on the ramparts, featuring casemates and a sea view.
  • The church tower, offering unrivalled 360° views.
  • The iconic Poitou donkeys.

Le Bois Plage

The Île de Ré wine-makers’ co-operative with its stills for distilling cognac.

La Couarde

Surrounded by marshes and vineyards, a pretty little seaside resort; some of its beaches have a lifeguard, along with other facilities. Watch the tides come in and go out in the Goisil Channel.


  • Off the beaten track.
  • The stunning port.
  • In the heart of the salt marshes.
  • The Salt Marshes Ecomuseum.
  • The Place de l’Église, a local meeting place.


  • The Romanesque church, renovated in 2020, with its famous black and white bell tower, which is a daymark for sailors.
  • The port with its small station, now an art gallery.
  • The wonderfully colourful market (in high season).


  • The beach of La Conche is stunning at any time of year: ideal for swimming in summer, kite surfing and surfing when the winds really begin to blow and all year round for walks on its vast stretches of sand, bordered by the dunes.
  • The Phare des Baleines lighthouse: 257 steps up to a breathtaking panoramic view.
  • The Lilleau des Niges nature reserve in the heart of the salt marshes.

Les Portes

  • The last village on the island, famous for its beautiful narrow streets.
  • The Place de la Libération in the centre of the village is the ultimate meeting place for locals.
  • Outside the village, the Trousse Chemise woods, the inspiration for Charles Aznavour’s famous song, La Patache beach and Le Fier d’Ars bay.
  • The Salt Marshes Ecomuseum for everything you need to know about this natural heritage, its history and the traditional know-how behind it.