A different kind of experience on
the Île de Ré

Exclusive stays
on the Île de Ré

At Le Clos Saint-Martin, enjoy a different side to the Île de Ré. Whatever the time of year, choose from our “Moments” collection: something to make you happy, something to pique your curiosity, something to make you feel good.Whatever you choose, you're sure to be inspired.

Get off the beaten track and experience the island’s unmissable sights for yourself: visit the Phare des Baleines lighthouse and meet craftsmen, fishermen and locals who’ll be only too keen to show you a glimpse of their island, this wonderful place with its age-old traditions.

Whether you’re staying at Le Clos Saint-Martin in summer or winter, enjoy authentic experiences which spark real emotions and marvel at the Île de Ré’s colours and scents. Our team is here to help you to choose the right Moment.

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Hearty, happy and healthy
Three days & two nights
Objective: self improvement and well-being. 
As is often the case on the Île de Ré, it all starts with a bike ride...
The great outdoors
Go birdwatching at Lilleau des Niges nature reserve: ideal in autumn, when migratory birds come to spend the winter on the island, and in spring, when nature reawakens.